I get it. It takes time and brain power you could use elsewhere. But if you are reading this based on the title, then chances are you are thinking there is someone you know who deserves an award.So you should nominate them.
Here are the reasons:
1. Likely they won’t brag on themselves. The kind of people who deserve recognition are often not the kind to seek it. In fact, they shun it.  But a good dose of appreciation goes a long way even when they say they don’t want it.
2. We need good role models for our kids. I know they don’t want the recognition but we need to have our children see good people being recognized for the good they do.  I am serious about this. My personal opinion is that is vital and crucial and the very best reason to talk that deserving person into allowing us to recognize them publicly.
3. WE need to celebrate good people and companies. Not just our kids. We adults need the reminder that we can do more for our communities than just run a business or just do our jobs.
4. Let’s overshadow all the negative with the positives we have at hand.  What is happening in our world nationally and internationally has, at its core, negatives that begin at a community level. We can’t build good nations and good worlds without good communities.
5. (This one is kinda personal.)  Almost every new business to town brags about how it is going to be a great community partner. They all say they will be involved and supportive. Not all follow through. I would like for the public to see who are the really great businesses who get involved in the community.
Go to the Chamber website; www.bryantchamber.com and click events, select Winter Banquet and click the link to download information and the nomination form.
Past Winners Include:
Woman of the Year — Suzanne Passmore, Pam Toler, Tonya Horton
Man of the Year — Guy Parker, Randy Rutherford, Rodney Plack
Small Business of the Year — Island Hoppers Tanning and Day Spa, Lifeline Chiropractic, Floors & More
Large Business of the Year — First Electric Cooperative Corp., Chick Fil A, Landers Auto of Saline County
Organization of the Year — Women In Networking (Career Closet), Civitan Services, The Parent Center at Bryant Public Schools.