It is membership drive season at the Bryant Area Chamber of Commerce. That means incentives for people to join and time to tell the important story of what the Chamber means to Businesses and to the Community.
It is also time to tell the story of why, if you are a member, you want to renew!
News travels fast
You are in business. So news about how you are perceived in that business often travels fast and often travels to the Chamber of Commerce. We have become adept at handling your customers concerns and communicating them to you for you to handle. Often we can calm the waters. Many times we are able to communicate something about your business that the customer did not know or misunderstood.  It helps us to know you through the Chamber when these situations arise.
Important changes happen
If you are in business, you need to know we monitor the business climate for you. We have often informed businesses of impending changes that will have a dramatic impact on them. Recently we held a session on the Highway 5, road widening, for instance.
Contacts are here
Having the right contacts makes business happen or helps business run more smoothly. It may be a customer or it may be a supplier but we can introduce you to the right people.
Community leaders are here
If you need to know someone who is a leader in the community, we can introduce you.
We are growing our community
Your business may not directly benefit, but you will benefit from our efforts to grow our community. When our local economy is on a roll, your business will have more potential customers. We are excited about some announcements just over the horizon and we hope you will be a part of it!