Bruce Bauer of the University of Little Rock at Benton’s E commerce department came to the Chamber this past Tuesday and gave us some tip on our Websites and marketing. Here are five things to ask your Webmaster or whomever is responsible for your website or marketing:
1. Does your website look modern?  Loads of bright colors and icons on a highly patterend background are passe’.  The new, modern look is understated and elegant. Go look at Tiffany’s web site for an example.
2. Is it multiple device nimble?  Will it adjust screen size to the device – say a tablet or a phone?  If not it needs to get that way.
3. Is Microdata used? This makes the search engines “see” your information more clearly. (And, no the Chamber website does not have this, but guess what we are going to be working on?)
4. Are We Using the Right Technology? The world is moving to cloud based solutions. This is an advantage in a lot of ways. Just one is your data is there despite any emergency — flood, fire, tornado, etc.
5. Do we have a Social Media Plan? If you are doing social media promotion with out a clear cut plan and a goal to reach, what are you getting out of the effort? Are you watching and making sure there is not a “social media meltdown”?
Bruce offered more points for consideration by businesses. His presentation is at  You can go there and see his full session. He is available to come back and do another session with us. So if you have something you want to know more about, please let the Chamber of Commerce know!