The Bryant Chamber has supported the Arkansas Scholars school program for years.  We are presenting an “eye opener” power point to 8th graders showing them how important their education is to future earning potential and quality of life for the rest of their lives.

We need at least 6 volunteer presenters at each school. We have set training dates for Monday, May 1st at noon and Friday, May 5th at noon at the Bryant Chamber. We will provide a light lunch.

Each training will take no more than one hour. Please let us know if you would like to be trained to present or present if you have already been trained. The actual Arkansas Scholars Day for Bryant is May 8th.

Thank you for supporting our kids!

Here is the schedule for Bryant:
1st period- 7:50-8:45
2nd period- 8:50-9:40
3rd period- 9:45-10:50
4th period- NO classes
5th period- 11:45-12:40
Lunch 12:40-1:15
6th period- 1:20-2:10
7th period- 2:15-3:13