The Boys & Girls Club of Bryant has demonstrated true leadership of late. They have assured the parents in our School District that they will find a way to cover transportation of the students to the club in the wake of the School District’s unenviable, between a rock and a hard place, decision to cut the funding for transportation to the club.  Face it, the School Board has had to make hard decisions. And the Boys and Girls Club did not throw that back in their faces or rant or rave.
They very calmly and very bravely said "We will find a solution."
I stand in awe.
Those who know me know I would find it very hard to make authoritative announcements like that knowing I had to depend on others to see it through. Oh, ye of little faith.
The Boys and Girls Club board is depending on the community to fill the gaps….the same community that did not pass the school millage to begin with.  But I am confident that they will get the help they need simply because they approached it in the way they did. They are confident our community will not let the kids down.
I appreciate their leadership and their faith in our community. Makes me proud.