I keep reminding myself (and others) its a good thing.
When I first came to the Chamber over 16 years ago, there was not much going on in this community that the Chamber did not host.  Now we struggle to not conflict with others’ events, fundraisers, meetings, etc.  It’s a good thing we do. It means we have a much more active community now with many activities to appeal to many different people.
There was a time during my tenure here when the City of Bryant had an empty City Council position. No one filed to run for it. Now we have very active political campaigns in our city. That is how a democracy is supposed to work. It means we have people who do care about the decisions being made for our future.
Even the school traffic, though not a good thing in and of itself, is symbolic of a good thing — good schools.
Just remember when you’re getting frustrated to wonder if it might not be a "good thing" that you are.