This may seem and odd topic for a blog post from a Chamber of Commerce. But, wait for it….it really does apply.
A most excellent occurence for New Years Eve was the Boys and Girls Club of Bryant awarding David Passmore the Hometown Hero award. David is husband to Suzanne Passmore, the executive director of the club since its inception.
What I can tell you about David it this: he is a great sport. Like many spouses of people who are married to those in community leadership positions, he gets called upon to do many things that are really from her job.  He does not complain. He willingly does. Now, some of that is probably out of love for his wife, yes. But much of it is in support of the mission of the Boys & Girls Club. He cares deeply for the kids, their welfare and the welfare of the club.
And the jobs the spouses get are the worst of the worst — hauling out smelly trash, getting to do errands and odds hours of the day and night. Doing what the leader could not find a willing volunteer to do!
It is about time that the volunteer world held up a spouse up for recognition. Kudos to the Boys and Girls Club. Love and thanks to all you supportive spouse in our community!!!
Rae Ann