When you feed over 825 people, you generate a lot of trash.
And no one wants to touch it.
Taste of Bryant has been one of the most successful and exciting events the Bryant Area Chamber of Commerce has ever held. Now in its 16th year, it has a following and these people are die hard serious about trying out the newest foods from all the food establishments from the Bryant area.
And they generate some die hard serious trash.
My family disowned me (temporarily) over Taste of Bryant Trash one year we held Taste of Bryant at Bryant High School in over 100 degree weather and they had bags breaking on them. The Chamber now has at least two Board members baptised by broken trash bag refuse. And, a few spouses of other staffers have had this unpleasant experience too. We have learned to buy contractor grade bags and double bag.
Our trash woes intensified the year that the bag broke on Allison Ramsey and coated her feet. Then Jason Brown got his own broken bag.  He vowed to not touch trash the next year.  But the next year we asked to use his truck for hauling the trash, explaining that we had volunteers to help pull the bags and carry them out. Our plan to keep him trash free did not work. As he stood on the opposite side of his truck, the volunteer threw the bag, overshot the truck and hit Jason.  Yeah, we are no longer using Jason’s truck for trash hauling.
Then we had other volunteers the next year who took the trash to the nearest dumpster. Ooops, not the dumpster we were supposed to use.
Okay so this year we posted signs on the dumpster we were not supposed to use telling the volunteers to not dump there.  BUT (how many different ways can trash duty go wrong?) we did not post a sign on the truck that was supposed to be used for trash hauling and one unsuspecting participant ended up with a truck bed full of trash while our “trash truck” sat nearby empty. Luckily he was a good sport about it.
Taste of Bryant is a great event — but there is an ugly side. Trash.