Every event director knows them. The “unknown volunteer.”  We are eternally grateful to the person who just happens to be at our events, sees a need and steps up to meet the need without even being asked to do so.
I have been made aware of two from the Bryant Fall Fest and Bryant’s Buzzin BBQ Bash.  I guarantee you there were others that I will never hear the name of or the specifics of the way in which they helped.
Whoever you are, where ever you are … just know how much I appreciate YOU from the bottom of my heart. And, if it kept me from walking over there where the need was taking place, from the bottom of the soles of my aching feet!
One group I want to mention by name is Keep Bryant Beautiful. They scheduled THEMSELVES without us asking to come out and do a walk through of the park after the event and pick up the loose trash. We had pulled the trash bags. They walked through and picked up gum and candy wrappers, fliers, cards, miscellaenous trash.
They got that little stuff that gives the OCDers nightmares… the stuff that once it rains becomes an ugly part of the landscape that you will never be able to adequately clean up.
I don’t have photos of the Keep Bryant Beautiful pick up. I don’t have photos of the unknown volunteers. But I do have some photos to share of the event. Hope you enjoy!