If you want Braggin’ Rights to the best backyard barbecue in the Bryant area, here’s your chance. At Fall Fest on Sept. 26, we will have having a Kansas City BBQ Society competition AND our own backyard competition. Its all at the Bryant’s Buzzin BBQ Bash.
The highly competitive KCBS cooks will not be in the same class with our local backyard barbecuers, but we expect every bit the intensity of competition from our guys and gals of the area who profess to be the best in the backyard culinary effort.
It is exceedingly Southern and very important to us to be good at the art of BBQ.
If you think you have all others beat, come on out!
Your team is yours to create or you can do it alone if you are woman/man enough.
Put on your apron, pull out your best tricks, fire up the grill.
Yum, I smell it already.
Forms for entry are online at www.bryantchamber.com beginning Monday,