I am sitting at my desk today thinking about all the activity at the Chamber. What I note is that it is less about the activity than it is about how we are trying new things.
The Ambassador/Membership Committee wants to shake up the Highlight Bryant Lunch somewhat. It is good to change things because if you don’t you go stale.
So we are now selecting speakers rather than having members be speakers. We have allowed our members to be the speakers for years and now we have hit the "recycle" button a few too many times. Some members really took advantage of the offer and have spoken two and three times.  Others, not comfortable with speaking, have never addressed the group.
So, for a while anyway, we are going to specifically invite speakers.  Members still will have opportunities to introduce themselves or be introduced to the entire group. But expect more interaction at your individual tables, because it still is our goal for you to get to know other Chamber members!
We hope to have music playing as you enter for a more upbeat atmosphere. We are planning more inspiration and fun for the future. Come join us at Highlight Bryant in 2015, every 3rd Thursday at noon and expect something a little different.