Smart people take advantage of all the resources at their fingertips. The Bryant Animal Adoption Center is working hard for a future Dog Park for Bryant. And they have been resourceful in finding that PetSafe is doing an online/Facebook promotion to help cities with their dog parks.
WE ARE A FINALIST for the $100,000 top award PetSafe is offering. And, it could not be more simple. Just go to Bark for Your Park on Facebook and vote daily. Then go to and vote daily too.
Go grab your spouse’s iphone and your kids’ smart phone and vote there, too, if they are not already doing it!
Come on, people, it is FREE money for a goal we have set for our city and area. What better way to get a nice park?
If you are a business owner with a marquee, would you please consider putting up “Bark for Your Park on Facebook” ?
Voting ends on July 22.