"Larry’s Pizza. Now I know I’m home!"
I recently heard those words or ones very similar to that 3 times when serving pizza at the Saline County Cookout held by A-State at the Benton Event Center.
These were folks who had moved out of the area to work at Arkansas State University in Jonesboro or who had gone to school there. They were here for the event to welcome new students going to ASU in the fall or looking to select ASU for their future.
"Larry’s Pizza. Now I know I’m home!" Powerful words that I am sure those uttering them never truly understood the import of… but a Chamber of Commerce director lives to hear that kind of thing.
Why were those words so weighty to me?
1. There is a local business equated with "home."  What better endorsement? What better reputation? Not just for the business but, thank you Larry’s, for the city, too!  We fight for our hometown, close knit feel every day.
2, Larry’s marketing is working. The logo on the pizza box was immediately recognized. The food itself was immediately recognizable.
3. Larry’s kindness to and involvement in the community is paying off… they are always helping someone out and I can’t think of a business I would rather have succeed spectacularly than Larry’s Pizza.
4. Larry’s is helping to spread our reputation. One pastor from a Jonesboro church who was an exhibitor at the event told me he would "hug everyone in the room" if I could find a box of the peanut butter/chocolate dessert pizza for him to take back with him…
5. Family wholesomeness is a part of our culture. Larry’s is a business catering to families. I can’t count, and I doubt they can, how many birthday parties they have had there.  When they came ot Bryant we were actively seeking a place to cater to kids and families. We, the Chamber, can’t take credit for getting them here — I think a neighbor and a friend who had tried them in their original location at Little Rock might be most able to claim that victory (thank you Rich Richards) but we can claim that our goal was meet, albeit not by us!
For now, this Chamber Director will just bask in the glow of a job well done by everyone else involved! #happychamberdirector.