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The Greater Bryant Chamber of Commerce was founded in 1974. The mission of the Greater Bryant Chamber of Commerce is to serve its members by fostering growth of business, education, and economic development that will enhance the quality of life for the good of the community. We find it is important to be up to date on the latest pressing legislative issue and city planning that will affect local businesses. The Chamber will continue to work closely with the City of Bryant, Saline County Economic Development Corporation, and Arkansas Economic Development Commission on Economic Development for the city. We believe it is our job to help create jobs and sales revenue for our community. The Greater Bryant Chamber of Commerce is Pro-Business, and we are open. With over 550 members and grown we understand the importance of being the advocate for small and large businesses. The creation of the Saline County Career and Technical Education Center will help drive the business to our area and we need to prepare, plan, and seek development that will help prosper for generations.

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Economic Development

Economic Development sounds complicated but really, it’s quite simple – it is our job to help improve our local economy and quality of life for citizens of Bryant. The definition is simple, but the actual process is a careful balancing act involving great schools, affordable housing, good infrastructure, and most importantly, people who care more about others than they do about themselves.

We’re very fortunate that we live in a community that has all of those readily at hand and it makes our job easier. The Bryant School District is constantly ranked among the best in the state and our housing market is strong. We’re strategically located in central Arkansas along the Interstate-30 corridor, and we offer all of the services of a large city, without the problems to our MSA of over 750,000 people.

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Membership Packages

The Bryant Chamber has several options for joining members to get started today.
Our packages are based on the businesses size and type of business.

Package Price
Business with 1-2 Employees $210
Business with 3-10 Employees $250
Business with 11-25 Employees $275
Business with 26-50 Employees $400
Business with 51-100 Employees $550
Business with 100+ Employees $850
Church and Civic Organization $175
Associate Member $95
Personal $150
Retired $75

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